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The information is valuable if it can be seen in pictures and is communicated in a manner intelligible to all. Our luminous signs, scoreboards and video display boards are the means visualizing pictures, while our language laboratory and multimedia products are the aids of learning languages or other substances of knowledge.
In 1991 MT Italy s.r.l. was founded by Muszertechnika (MT Holding) and by Jozsef Pribliczki, who is the Managing Director of the company. The firm MT Italy is registered in Verona, Italy. In the international market its luminous sign equipment, scoreboards and video displays are known in the sectors of information, sport, advertising and entertainment - show business, while its language laboratory and multimedia products are acknowledged aids in the teaching.

In 1988 the MT Holding purchased the company EVB which manufactured electronic products and which was the first manufacturer of luminous display products in the world. Starting with the manufacture of scoreboards in the middle of the fifties more than 1000 large boards and video displays have been manufactured and supplied by EVB, then by the MT group for more than 100 countries of 5 continents of the world.

With MT Italy s.r.l. the MT group and EVB did pioneer work in numerous fields of the development of display technology. This is evidenced by the fact that our products, scoreboard systems, time keeping systems and video displays worked on five Olympic games, several world- and continental competitions and many other important events in Europa, Africa, Asia and on the American continents.

Actually in co-operation with TecnoVISION SpA in Milan, Italy and with MT-Visual Kft. In Budapest, Hungary, which was purchased by TecnoVISION and MT Italy in 2002, the great part of our successes is the result of the continuous development of the technical and service quality of our products. In this way, we can meet the customers’ demands or even anticipate them. The large spectrum of our products results in a close touch with all levels of the displays and scoreboard market. Among our indoor and outdoor displays the suitable variants can be found both for the smallest and biggest projects. At the same time, our strong presence in all segments of the very variable display market enable our engineer’s teams to continuously gain experiences and make use of them in the permanent development of our products.
Intelligent Display Solutions from MT Italy s.r.l.

Our market slogan is the following:

„We have the capacity of satisfying all the demands of the display market, we should just know what the demand is and what budget is at disposal for its realization.”

We can offer different LED display technology applications with PMT (Pixel Multiplying Technology) or with physical pixels, dot and segment variants for indoor and outdoor use with the desired dimensions. The software supplied with our systems ensures the easy handling and the fast and spectacular operation. Complying with the requirements we can provide for the systems data collecting and elaborating units, software programs, video image elaborating units satisfying even highest level demands and we can be at your disposal with timing systems and sport software, as well.

MT Italy s.r.l. can provide not only electronic signs, scoreboards and video displays in a large assortment but also the following assistance for the customers in the realization of projects:

  • Coordination of the tasks of the installation and the contractor (supporting structure, energy supply, cable channel…)
  • Suggestions in the course of the preparatory works
  • Installation of the display boards
  • Extended guarantee period, if requested
  • Complete technical co-operation by providing experts for the operation of the display board and to implement the tasks of maintenance and repairs both during and after the guarantee period.

Our other product family comprises language laboratories and multimedia systems, offering excellent means for all levels and subjects of the teaching.

For today’s people the command of languages and the communication ability are more important than ever before. Nevertheless, our systems enable also other subjects of instruction to be utilized with a great efficacy. For the students they provide an easy rate of progress set to everybody’s own level, while for the teachers they allow, in addition to dynamic teaching and the application of high level subsidiary materials, the immediate testing and evaluation of the level of knowledge of the students in such a manner as they do not cause practically any loss of time by that.

The continuous contact established through the systems of our language laboratories and multimedia systems of the brand TANTAL operating in several hundreds of schools ensures the continuity of development work and the services covering highest demands.

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