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Sport & Spot

We have developed the innovative P.A.B. (Perimetral Advertising Board) creation, to respond to the growing demands of the modular system arrangements for the sport's field which, when given the opportunity, can act as a maxi-screen.

The P.A.B. screens that continuously and effectively channel advertising messages along the entire field (whether it is indoor or outdoor) are consistent with all the forceful norms , they are produced with high energy batteries and use panels which allow a turnover in hazardous situations.

Our P.A.B is not strictly tied to a sporting event but becomes a real and actual screen 365 days of the year.

Elettronic System

DLX Banner-Plus is an electronic control system fully developed by us and designed for installations of Perimeter Advertising Boards, banner and tickertape displays. It is equipped with the most professional and innovative Hardware and Software.

Maximum Resolution: 1024 x 768 Pixel (240 linear meter) - Image refresh rate: 1000 Hz
Square Pixel® Technology - Shine View® Technology - Processing Depth: 16 Bit

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