Make your message travel

MT Italy provides an ad hoc structure for the screen's installation onto mobile vehicles. This is possible due to the stabilized cylinders, and pneumatic pistons that elevate and position the display, with the possibility of a 360 rotation and an onlooker's booth.

The video mobile systems are available in four versions to capture any dimension of the display and to facilitate its use.

The possibilities are endless and depend only on your imagination.

Elettronic System

DLX Live-X, DLX Live-SX and DLX Live-WUX are special controllers for rental use.
They have been specially designed for a perfect visualization of live entertainment videos.

The main components are the following:
  • DLX FLEX CONVERTER is a powerful image scaler specifically developed for driving LED displays;
  • the DLX FLEX CONVERTER accepts most video inputs (SDI, composite, DVI, VGA among the others) and features a de-interlaced video-enhancement processor guaranteeing video image stability and outstanding motion performance with motion compensated video processing and flicker reduction.
DLX PRO II is an easy-to-use interface for setting display of the most important parameters, such as brightness and RGB; start-up settings are entirely customizable, providing maximum flexibility under any circumstances and external interfacing is also possible via RS 232. DLX PRO II connects to the display by an RJ45 or coaxial cables, easy to connect and capable of carrying the signal for a long distance with no significant loss or deterioration (up to 25 metres for network cables and up to 100 metres for coaxial cables).

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