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SPORT - Indoor
Live with the public

For indoor sports, a relationship with the public is fundamental.

We propose high quality plants to integrate film clips, chronometers, and alphanumeric displays for any sport, facilitating the spectator's view.

Our software is actually capable of administrating any kind of image, text, animation, and picture, with the possibility to create, due to an advanced system of Replay and Moviola, there is a performance in a performance, capturing the public 360.

Elettronic System

DLX Club is a special controller designed for sport use. In addiction to functioning like the DLX Spot, the DLX Club advanced features allows you to switch from live entertainment to ads, from scoring to slow motion, from replay to clock and chronometer. The controller is rack-mounted and connected to the screen by fiber optics. MTBoard, MTSport and CSS are the terms for the dedicated software and hardware that allow for the greatest impact on spectators in any type of sport grounds.

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